Over the past 2 years I have been sending personal network updates.

​When people or companies come to me for advice, the number one thing I tell them is — start a network update. Keep me updated.

It is by far the biggest example of leverage that I have ever seen.

Furthermore, remember growing up and having your boomer parents tell you “you need to network” — that basically didn’t mean anything right? Well I can go into a longer essay later on my opinion and practise of networking, but I bring it up to say:

A personal network update…

I have recently gone through a string of bad hires, a problem we as an organisation have rapidly learned from (set candidates homework people!). ​And as every hire hasn’t worked out I’ve looked back at their resume (CV for the English in the room) and wondered what did I miss? One of the main takeaways I have is that the resume is a sales document and is almost fully made up of unverifiable fluff. Fluff that we base hiring decisions on, fluff that we use to imagine if someone will be a good fit or will have the right skills…

​In this post I want to go over and organise a tonne of thoughts I have swirling around in my mind about the term Go-to-Market, what it actually means and what a great and a bad Go-to-Market looks like.

By playing the famous Ben Horowitz good/bad frame, I hope that anyone who is also confused in this term will find some true clarity in what this means and what it looks like when you’ve done it well.

I know that for years I was most definitely not the only person who used the term, but deep down inside didn’t fully…

No. It didn’t come to me like a bolt of lightning. In truth I wasn’t looking for a new business idea.

Those close to me know I am still bruised from my last venture (Flex) and when I feel like I have discovered a problem/product that simply must be built — my initial reaction is reluctance.

I will note, that I don’t think this is a bad thing. Bad business outcomes can permanently damage people but I find the result of this reluctance is a need for high signal in whether to persue a new business and a deep strategic…

Full disclosure I’m going to write about banking and moving money. Not only that but this whole adventure is inspired by the hair-loss inducing frustration I experience when I try to move money between banks in the US.

Seems odd am amirite? Well not if you were brought up on the sweet sweet nectar that is the UK banking infrastructure. So if you’re curious as to how they compare, and how America may one day be, and how together we can build a bank to change every aspect of your life — read on.

Over the past year and a…

The sharing economy narrative:

  • Technology was supposed to unlock all of our assets
  • We were supposed to borrow each others stuff easily
  • Stores were going to need a new business model as people stopped buying stuff

Market trends I’ve been thinking about that make this relevant:

  • There is growing movement towards early Financial Independence
  • Buying a bunch of stuff is no longer a satisfying consumer past time
  • Being able to rent/borrow should make life easier

But I find myself disillusioned with the state of the sharing economy so far. …

So instead of a VA which seems odd — theirs big privacy issues — There could be a digital virtual assistant and all you need to do is cc them in when you make the intro.

Domain intros.cc is available. It could totally be Mattquinn@intros.cc or connection@intros.cc maybe even a friendly name — Alfred@intros.cc

something that isn’t suspicious to everyone else.

The bot (I’m calling it a bot) would then work like this.

Step 1 — It would email both parties and say:

“Hi there I’m Intro.cc a 100% encrypted and secure, email introduction tool.

Matt cc’d me in…

The above example shouldn’t really be an issue right? Except that It has now happened more than once and when describing my struggles with my own imposter syndrome I’m tired of people thinking I’m calling myself an imposter haha.

I’m starting to believe, sadly, that we live in a post facts world. Not pointing at anyone specific, but it would be untrue to point at all main political parties and news outlets in the last year and say that they’re innocent when it comes to the misuse of language whether it be in describing events or dispersing information.

I worry…

I’ve wanted to write down some thoughts for quite a while on the news of the fitbit acquisition by google, the current state of play with the Apple watch and how, in my opinion, with the right set up and investment fit bit can be transformed and put the Apple watch to bed.

This seems quite prescient given that today is the Apple watches 5th birthday and this week my Apple watch app Stretchy reached 3000 downloads (been out for 3 weeks).

Full disclosure — from a consumer side I am a 99% Apple watch fan boy. For those of…

Last week I had an interaction with a founder looking for advice/feedback on the product he was building, that just threw me.

He was building a new diet/food tracking app and the tagline was “The food tracker for food lovers”

I pushed him on its meaning and how with so many existing competitors he could stand out. I literally had no idea what his product did, what it would do for me and why it is better than the current situation.

He appreciated my candor and said the best we he could articulate it would be:

“I’m aiming to have…

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