You might have played with VR, but you ain’t seen nothing yet

Hunting Cows in Minecraft

I just spent 15 minutes on a @wizdish and I am converted. I will rave about this to the end of the earth. VR is mentally UNLEASHING.

As an avid user of @calm I have so much joy bubbling inside at the prospect that one day @calm may have a VR app for @wizdish.

Can you imagine at the end of a long day or a slog or an abrasive situation you can go for a walk on the beach, or sail through the clouds, or walk through a field of hay with birds and the sun and nature.

As soon as I have my Samsung S7 I am getting a @wizdish.

A daily conversation I have with my other half is when are we getting a puppy. When are we going to be out of London and have a puppy.

Can you imagine, all you want is a pick me up and you can take a gang of corgis for a walk. This is the future I have just seen with the @wizdish.

Phone attachment, VR treadmill, Toy…whatever you call it don’t underestimate its value as a joy machine or even a creative engine.

If you are interested in trying it out, or being apart of the @wizdish community that will change the future. Get in touch.

A new chapter of human life is upon us.

📈 & 💰 & 🏗 Londoner in the Valley. Prev 2x founder — Take joy in advising others to avoid my mistakes. The Dogfather.